Our LED Tracing Lightboxes are extremely popular with South African tattoo artists! We love selling to tattoo artists, too- For the most-part, they’re professional, friendly and creative, so the whole process is very enjoyable.

For these reasons, we’ve decided to attend the South African International Tattoo Convention- where 80 amazing tattoo artists (some of whom have flown in from Ireland or Australia etc.) will all be gathered together under 1 roof.

To make it a fun weekend, we’re hosting a drawing competition at the convention! The winner of the drawing competition will win a 2.5 hour session with Ricardo Da Silva Cunha (Insta: @rick_ink.official) and whoever’s drawing gets the most likes on Facebook will win a 2.5 hour session with AJ Rhode (Insta: @ajwestside).

Visit our booth and draw on our light boxes! (https://www.theforesight.co.za/the-shop/)

Buy tickets for the event here: http://southafricantattooconvention.com/tickets/

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